Psychotherapy is to assist client with mental disorders WITHOUT the use of medicine. It is to treat psychological problem with psychological treatment.

Preventive counseling (1-3) sessions

Prevents potential conflict from happening in the near future. This is often used to dismiss  irrational thoughts.
Example: pre-marriage counselling.

Counseling (4-8) sessions

Counseling with Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis to explore the psychological and social attributes of the clients. Counselor will find the client’s weakness and strength, blind spots and irrational thinking. The counselor will assist the client to grow.
Example: Personality Disorders.

Psychotherapy (10-) sessions

The counseling starts with a lifetime assessment. Therapies used: Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Result Originated Therapy; Positive Psycho Therapy;Dignity Therapy; nostalgic therapy. Therapies are used to reshape client’s cognitive and behaviors.
Life Coaching will be in place until the client have gained the ability in problem solving followed by reassessment.
Example: Depression, Mood Disorders, Cancer mood management.

All therapy is designed on an one on one base suitable to one’s individual need.

  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Result oriented therapy
  • Cancer psycho-oncology
  • Positive psycho oncology
  • Dignity therapy
  • Nostalgic therapy
  • Life coaching